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NWS JetStream - Online School for Weather : Study Guide: Synoptic Meteorology (Excellent...for everyone)
SPC: Today's map analysis
NWS: National observations
Windchill: Frequently Asked Questions, Terms and Definitions
Heat Index: Frequently Asked Questions, Terms and Definitions
Livestock Heat Index: Chart , Forecast Maps , Calculator
EPA: Kentucky and National Air Quality
Ocean Prediction Center: World, Pacific & Atlantic Sfc Map Anals
Kentucky Traffic Center ,
UCAR/RAP Surface Plots: Midwest, Other Plots
UKAWC Yesterday's Temps (7 am EST - 7 am EST) Highs, Lows, Regional Temps: Highs,Lows
UKAWC: Surface (w/Topo)
Weather Channel Surface: Midwest, U.S., 24-Hr Temperature Change, Winds
Unidata: Surface, Composite, Fronts, Other Contour Plots
Storm Prediction Center: Virtual Weather Map
Storm Prediction Center: Hourly Mesoscale Analysis
SPC (IR/RUC/OBS):Composite Analysis
Hydrological Prediction Center: HPC Sfc , B/W , All HPC,

HPC Sat/Sfc: 00z, 03z, 06z, 12z, 15z, 18z, Current Sat/Sfc, Atlantic SIGWX
USDA:Plant Hardiness Analysis
Current NWS Obs/Climate Data:
Hourly Obs. [KY], [2nd], [PAH], [LMK], [JKL], [All] [IN] [WV] [OH] [TN] [IL] [MO] [AR]
Ag. Obs. [KY], [2nd], [3rd] [IN] [WV] [OH] [TN] [IL] [MO] [AR]
Daily Climate Data [PAH], [SDF], [LEX], [JKL], [CVG], 1st, [All], [ALL] [IN] [WV] [OH] [TN], 2nd [IL] [MO] [AR]
Monthly Climate Data [PAH], [SDF], [LEX], [CVG], [JKL], [ALL] [IN] [WV] [OH] [TN] [IL] [MO] [AR]
Nowcasts Western, 2 Central, 2 Eastern, 2 North, 2 Northeast, 2 All

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REAL-TIME Upper Air Maps/Profiler Info (Ucar)
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Obs. 300 mb 500 mb 700 mb 850 mb All

UKAWC Upper-Air Maps/Movies
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NOAA Upper-Air Maps: US,

University of Wyoming Upper-Air Maps: Worldwide,

AMS DataStreme Atmosphere: Upper Air and ETC,

UCAR Upper-Air Soundings: Nashville TN, Wilmington OH, Roanoke/Blacksburg WV, Greensboro NC, Lincoln IL, Other U.S. Soundings

UKAWC Stability Indices:
Lifted Index(LI), 2 CAPE , 2 K-Index, 2 CIN Showalter Index SWEAT Total-Totals, 2 Descriptions

Precipitation Estimates
Surface | Upper Air | Meteograms
NWS: Precip Analysis (new!)
NWS Hydrologic Reports
USGS: Timely Rainfall Reports
Precip Estimates:
WSI: Yesterday's Rainfall, Past 7 Days Rainfall
Unisys: Daily Plotted Rainfall, This Month Plotted Rainfall
Rainfall Estimates (NOAA GOES Sat): Microwave Surface and Precipitation Products System 3 Hr Est.
OHRFC Rainfall Estimate Maps:
Summary Acc. since 12Z Since last Synoptic Ob. 24 Hrs 00Z-00Z All
Back 1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days 5 Days 6 Days
1 Day Tot. 2 Day Tot. 3 DayTot. 4 Day Tot. 30 Day % Norm 60 Day % Norm 90 Day % Norm 180 Day % Norm
Snow Cover/Depth: Unisys(obs.)
New from NCDC: U.S. Snow Monitoring
Rainfall Analysis (CPC): Daily , Weekly , 30 & 90-Day Rainfall
Temperature Analysis (CPC): Daily
The Weather Channel: National Precipitation Forecast
UKAWC: Kentucky Temperature and Rainfall Maps for the Past 7, 14, 30 days
Drought Severity Index (NOAA), Data, About PDSI/CMI, Past PDSI Maps (back to 1895)
CPC: Soil Moisture Calculations/Estimates