Kentucky Historical Data

The data below is made up of Kentucky climatological information going back to the year: 1895. Data is input into these tables at the beginning of every month and shows the average monthly observations at both the state level and for each Kentucky climate division. The state table also has a tab for ranking, which enables the user to compare years in the past and determine the wettest, driest, warmest, and coolest months in Kentucky observation history.

Kentucky Monthly Statewide Data
(1895 to Present)
Rainfall Totals Temperature Ranking

Kentucky Monthly Climate Division Data
(1895 to Present)
1895-Present Monthly Rainfall West (CD-1), Graph Central (CD-2),Graph Bluegrass (CD-3),Graph East (CD-4),Graph
1895-Present Monthly Temperature West (CD-1),Graph Central (CD-2),Graph Bluegrass (CD-3),Graph East (CD-4),Graph