Burley Curing Advisory

The Burley Curing Advisory (BCA) will be available from July 20 thru Oct 31 each year, the main curing season in Kentucky.

Proper curing of burley tobacco depends as much on management and facilities as it does on the weather. Each year there are good and bad periods of curing weather; overall, the natural air curing in Kentucky and surrounding states produces high quality burley tobacco. The following Advisory gives real time guidance on curing management based on many years of curing studies and experiences by the Authors and others cited in the references.[More]

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Cured Tobacco Leaf Handling Advisory

This Advisory will be available from Oct. 1 thru Mar. 1 each year, the main cured leaf handling season in Kentucky.

The handling characteristics of cured tobacco are important considerations for bulking, stripping, and baling. The table results from this cured tobacco leaf handling advisory give a prediction of the moisture content/handling condition of cured tobacco leaf based on the relative humidity in locations throughout Kentucky.


*Weather data provided by the Kentucky Mesonet (www.kymesonet.org) at Western Kentucky University and the National Weather Service

Resources: Curing Burley Tobacco, Burley Curing Technology

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