UK Ag Weather Center WRF Model

The UK Weather Research and Forecasting model (WRF) is updated 4 times per day at 07:30, 13:30, 19:30, and 01:30. This model was intended more for the meteorological population and providing more accurate forecasts at a resolution of 4 kilometers. Each forecast below consists of an hourly loop going out 5 days based on Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).



Surface Pressure Precipitation 925 mb Temperatures
850 mb Temperatures 700 mb Temperatures 500 mb Temperatures
850 mb Heights 700 mb Heights 500 mb Heights
925 mb Relative Humidity 850 mb Relative Humidity 700 mb Relative Humidity
500 mb Relative Humidity 850 mb Winds and Isotachs 700 mb Winds and Isotachs
500 mb Winds and Isotachs 850 mb Vertical Velocity 700 mb Vertical Velocity